Patronato Pro Niños resumes their top rated historical walks

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  • Published October 20, 2020

    By Nory Contractor


    Who would not love to return to their pre-crisis lives? Enjoying the outdoors and strolling the charming cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende, while learning about our beautiful city’s interesting history from an expert who is not only knowledgeable but also dedicated to ensuring your enjoyment.


    Pre-COVID, the Patronato Historical Walks were among the most popular in San Miguel. Eager, excited crowds queued up to make their donations to our enthusiastic Greeters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning in the Jardin before 10:00 a.m. We welcomed all, no reservations required, donations accepted onsite.


    Unfortunately, that “open-door” policy is not possible in a time of pandemic. So we challenged ourselves to find a way to resume our Top Rated Walks, even on a limited basis. Our answer was to offer Private Tours. Your volunteer Guide will be Dali Amaro: he is a State Certified Guide, with over 10 years of guiding experience and is a native son of San Miguel. He will provide you with a wonderful Tour, in English, at your convenience and with all safety protocols and precautions in place.


    These Walks are an important part of Patronato’s annual revenue stream, and the need for funding does not just stop because there is a crisis. We continue to provide critical care to all special needs children throughout the pandemic. A very stringent program was instituted by the municipality for businesses to re-open and return to work under strict health guidelines, focused on preventing the spread of COVID-19. We underwent training and implemented new protocols, and so were incredibly relieved when we passed the screening and were given the official “return to work certificate” on August 13. It allowed us to open up our Clinic, albeit on a limited basis. As of September 1, we were back to some semblance of normalcy at the Clinic.  But even with all protective measures in place, we are still restricted in the number of children we can see. All four mobile medical-dental units are once again rolling out to the campo, five days a week.


    Be assured that our 25 plus Historical Walk Volunteers, who are reluctantly waiting out the crisis, have been busy studying their San Miguel history and meeting virtually to keep alive the spirit of passionate volunteerism. They will be ready as soon as we are given the “all clear.” Until then, they sincerely encourage you to take a Patronato Private Tour.


    For 50 years, Patronato Pro Niños, a Mexican non-profit organization, has been providing necessary medical, dental, and psychological care to the children of families who cannot afford to provide it for them. For more information on how to book your personal Tour, including your choice of day and time, safety protocols, arranging a safe meet-up location  and donation details, please contact the Private Tour Coordinator , or PPN website:

    By promoting good health and oral hygiene, by providing necessary medical and dental care, by working with other health care providers as advocate and funding source, we help children from economically disadvantaged families in San Miguel de Allende lead healthier, fuller lives. And we’ve been doing this for 45 years. We now see second and third generations of the same family. These families trust Pro Niños.  And we’ve earned that trust by helping literally thousands and thousands of children through the years. With your help, we will continue this tradition and add to the many programs we already have in place.

    Please donate now so that more children may THRIVE.


    Click to donate NOW!


    Founded in 1970, Pro Niños was able to provide medical care to only 20 children in our first year of operation. Since then, we have grown in size and scope so that we now provide dental care to over 9,000 children, and medical care to 2,500 children in and around San Miguel de Allende. In total, we give more than 23,000 treatments a year. To serve these children, we have on staff four dentists, a doctor, a full time social worker and eight support staff.   We are accredited in Mexico as a charitable, non-profit organization (Asociación Civil), registered in the Federal Registry and awarded with tax exemption status. We are also incorporated in the United States as a 501 (c)(3) under the name “FTC International, Inc.” to accept U.S grants and individual donations.   All Mexican children from birth to 16 years of age who do not receive medical care from private insurance or social security benefits are eligible for our medical and dental care programs. It is estimated that 44,000 children fall into the 0-to-16-year-old category. Less than 15% receive social security benefits, leaving many without adequate medical care. We coordinate our services with two Mexican government programs (Seguro Popular and Nueva Generación) and fill some much-needed service gaps. Dental care, for other than the middle and upper-economic class, is nonexistent.   To preserve dignity and promote parental involvement with necessary follow-up care, families are asked to participate in the cost of their child’s care according to their ability, which in many cases is as little as ten pesos.   Every morning at 7:30, our three mobile dental vans depart San Miguel to visit some of the hundreds of villages needing dental services. Teachers, parents and children often meet our dentist and her assistant/driver at the entrance of the village. In a typical day, our dentists are able to dispense 25-30 treatments and the vans will return to the village for as long as it takes to serve every child.   The medical and dental care we provide can dramatically change lives and in some cases, even save lives. Once we have determined an individual child’s needs, we work closely with medical providers – as advocate and funding source – to make sure the child gets the best care possible.   On any given day in the clinic, our doctor treats as many as 20 children directly and refers others to specialists and various service providers as needed. The doctor also conducts follow-up to ensure that the children receive the required care from outside service providers. The in-clinic dentist treats an average of 15 children per day; those whose villages are not being visited by the mobile vans.   The Mexican Government, recognizing that Pro Niños fills gaps in the health services provided to citizens, provides support through grants of various amounts from various departments.  Other funds are raised through donations from members, local residents, and visitors to San Miguel. We also receive additional funding from other active charities in San Miguel and from foundations.


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