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  • The Ojala story has an illustrious past and a bright future.

    It has offered inspiration & opportunity for almost 12 years – for many children in the rural indigenous village of San Miguel Viejo. We are now beginning to see the 3rd generation in the littlest ones.

    Life is especially difficult for all of us these days – maybe more so for our Ojala families  – no work, struggling for food, no school or Ojala programs – and no internet so that children can access some small measure of learning. We have provided information about the virus, food, PPE and weekly learning/art kits for our children all this time!  The children remain excited and engaged.


    As good things “come round right,” a wonderful board of directors formed last fall, with an amazing new bi-lingual executive director.

    I moved out of my house with all my belongings in January. The house is being transformed into the Learning Center, as an open classroom, offering integrated, interactive learning. The educational agenda has always been:  Space, Materials, Ideas and Guidance to inspire exploration and discovery. The house and property will belong to Ojala Niños so that the community can count on this educational presence far into the future. Ojala also owns the property next door, which will have a theater space and a community garden that the children will plant and nurture.


    SO – when Ojala is able to open again, new opportunities will be available to all children, all ages. The learning “umbrellas” will be environmental stewardship, health, arts, bi-lingual literacy and computer skills. The concept of integrated learning includes math and sciences.


    None of the above can happen or continue without the support of many friends. December 1 is designated world-wide as Giving Tuesday. You’ll probably be hearing from many other worthy organizations. But you have been a special friend for us over the years and I’m hoping you’ll share as much as you can now. Ojala  has been a member of Global Giving for 4 years. If you donate to them for Ojala Niños on December 1, we’ll also received some matching funds. They will give you a US tax receipt and we will thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!

    GG link: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/help-kids-to-overcome-educational-lag/


    If you have questions, concerns or want to donate differently,
    please contact our director    –      Irene Fuentes


    Or our website:  www.ojala-ninos.org


    With heartfelt thanks and blessings,

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