Teatro Angela Peralta Sanitized

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  • By: Ana Barrón
    Published September 04, 2020

    The fight against the coronavirus is not over and in San Miguel de Allende there is no letting down of the guard, that is why the commitment to take care of the health of the people of San Miguel continues, the nebulization of public buildings continues and now the Angela Peralta Theater was sanitized during this past weekend.

    Since July 10 these actions began, in order to strengthen the measures of prevention, care and containment of the Covid-19, which made the municipality a reference for going to the forefront and implement tools such as this dry fog sanitizer called “SANIFOG”.

    Among its characteristics, it has a greater range, covers all spaces with an invisible layer and lasts up to 10 days; it does not affect food, clothing or the environment

    Fogging takes place mainly in public buildings, government offices with public service, markets and urban transport.

    The buildings already served are the Municipal Palace, C4, Administrative Building, DIF Municipal, Ignacio Ramirez Market, San Miguel Square, San Juan de Dios Market, in addition to the commitment to mist the 207 units of urban and suburban transport.

    It is these actions that keep the municipality as a #DestinoEjemplar and with the lowest rate of contagion at the state level.

    This is the premier place to see a play or a concert. It’s located in the heart of downtown at the corner of Hernandez Macias and Mesones. Built in 1873, the theater was opened by the reigning queen of opera in Mexico, Angela Peralta. Thanks to extensive improvements, the sound is excellent and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. On your way in, take note of the mural “Homage to the Arts” in the main lobby. The theater hosts ensembles during the Chamber Music Festival in August, jazz plays during the Cervantino Festival in October, and concerts during the International Jazz Festival in November, as well as weekly events by local and visiting artists.

    Fuera de los improvisados teatros y carpas que había en la Villa para las comedias y coloquios que en las fiestas se representan por cómicos de la legua, no hubo, son hasta fines del siglo XIX, un teatro en forma, como lo demandaba la ya importante ciudad de San Miguel. Es en el mes de abril de 1871 cuando se inicia la construcción del Teatro bajo la iniciativa del Administrador Principal de Rentas Don Juan Mañón, con la ayuda de la Tesorería Municipal, y una junta de accionistas de los principales vecinos de la ciudad.

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