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  • Published May 13, 2021

    Sequence of events leading to the liberation of Ms. Janet Howey May 11,2021.

    The administration and daughter in law to the owner of the long-term living facility, are known to me from June of 2020 when my parents Nat and Mona Ross began living at this particular nursing home here in San Miguel Allende.

    As my professional skills became known to the administration I was asked to provide a support program for the residents which I did on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 4-5:30 with a 6 week interruption due to Covid.

    Several residents began to ask me for help in conveying their needs to the M.I.A. Administrator.

    Ms. Janet Howey is one of them.

    No resident at the facility can make an independent decision without first consulting the Administrator, who for the past 2 years, has been unavailable to the residents as she administrates via telephone.

    In December of 2017 Janet Howey suffered a cerebral hemorrhage which  prompted her need for long term care. Prior to that time Janet had been a 25  year resident of Mexico who has dual citizenship and was a business owner who  is fluent in Spanish.

    For the past 2 years Janet has been requesting from the staff and leadership the  return of her confiscated computer, her passports, her cell phone and has  repeatedly requested access to a telephone, internet and her bank accounts in  Mexico and the US.

    Janet has tried to revoke her sister’s financial power of attorney (as her funds  have not so mysteriously disappeared), as well as requested to be discharged  from from the facility as her physical condition has returned to normal.
    None of these requests over a 2 year period were addressed, investigated nor acted upon.

    Appointments were made and then either cancelled or missed. Janet  subsequently was held captive locked in her room within the locked walls of the  nursing home.

    She was denied any means of accessing the outside world, her demands to be  released and to have her independence restored were ignored.

    On Wednesday April 28,2021 Janet asked if I would help her to reestablish her  financial and physical independence, I agreed.

    Once I began the proceedings on Sunday, May 2, at 10 am to comply with  Janet’s wishes, an episode ensued which included me being assaulted, fired and  physically removed, I was lucky; in comparison to the restraints applied to Janet  and her being dragged away screaming for help.

    Even though it was Sunday, I immediately called Mr. Angel Marin Diaz,  president of Inmetec Legal Services SMA.

    Although it was Sunday Angel called me back within minutes and scheduled a  4pm meeting that very afternoon in his office with his staff of attorneys.

    A wonderful surprise… Angel employed his legal prowess and political contacts  to procure the help of the American Consulate and the Mexican authorities who  with my involvement and testimony were able to liberate Janet from her  captivity within a matter of days.

    Janet has also made it known to us that her bills from the living facility have  included services that she never received.

    For example, Janet was stricken with Covid and the doctor,who was ssummarily  dismissed, ordered oxygen for Janet. The doctor later came to Janet in tears to  say that she had been fired by the administrator and that none of her medical  orders were being followed.

    By ignoring the physician’s orders the custodians put Janet’s life in jeopardy.
    When Janet insisted upon seeing her bill, she saw that she had been billed for  oxygen that was prescribed during her life threatening illness which was never  received.

    She is lucky to have survived her incarceration, the cruel, flippant and  manipulative treatment and the fraudulent padding of her invoices which has  robbed her of her financial assets..

    Angel Marin Diaz and the staff of Inmtec Legal Services SMA, has been available  to Janet and myself 24 hours a day and his entire firm has shown  Janet the greatest respect and compassion which is helping her to feel a new  measure of safety.

    Janet is now recovering from her imprisonment and the significant trauma that  it caused.

    She is now in possession of both her Mexican and American Passports as well as  has taken control of her liquid assets for the first time in years although they are  significantly depleted under the guidance of less than honorable custodians.

    While the ¨ happy ending ¨ is Janet’s freedom… the moral of the story is that in  the lack of state or municipal oversight over private long-term living facilities we  as family members require either a third party to do continuous ¨ in person  ¨ wellness ¨ checks and be constantly vigilant of warning signs such as  prolonged times of unavailability to produce our family by either ZOOM or  telephone.

    Buyer beware…
    For any information on this subject contact me privately.
    Robin Stacey and Janet Howey.

    Cielito Lindo served with a search warrant


    Angel Marin Diaz

    Good evening all,

    As there is ongoing litigation both civil and criminal I am not allowed by law to disclose the perpetrators of this egregious injustice.

    As soon as the suits are filed we can make them public without breaking client privilege or jeopardizing the suits themselves.

    I can say that I am in discussions with the American Consulate, Mexican Police Authorities (Ministerio Publico) and have taken this to the highest levels of not only State Government but Federal as well.

    If you have a family member that you must know if they are safe please contact me through my assistant Cynthia Posner at or and I can meet with you at no charge and gently move you in the right direction without breaking privilege.

    It is important to mention that privately I have received many messages about the same facility today including equally and more scathing complaints from very reputable sources who would like to become part of this criminal complaint.

    I thank you all for being so forthcoming.

    My point is this is not an isolated case.

    Best regards,
    Angel Marin Diaz.
    President, C.E.O.
    Inmtec Legal Services.
    San Miguel Allende, Gto.
    Mexico City, CDMX.

    Donna Haughney

    I am an old friend of Janet Howey. I used to live behind Cielito Lindo and visit her quite a bit? How can I get in touch with her? Are you taking care of her? When I left two years ago she was not able to walk by herself.

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