First Virtual Museum Opens in San Miguel de Allende

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  • Published 7/29/2020

    The directorate of Culture and Traditions announces the opening of the first virtual museum in San Miguel de Allende, and it is through the exhibition “The Art of Wine”.

    In the contingency for Coronavirus, they found the opportunity to share the art through the internet; this was announced by the director of Culture and Traditions, Paulina Cadena.

    The virtual tour is a 360º experience. Free access is possible through the following link:

    “We are happy, opening the doors to the first virtual museum in the municipality. The tour opens with the exhibition of The Art of Wine”, said the director of Culture and Traditions. And this new alternative will be permanent.

    The exhibition came to the municipality thanks to the coordination between the Municipal Government, State Government, Millennium Foundation and Millennium Art Collection, which promotes the vocation of wine in San Miguel de Allende and that already positions it in the economic and tourism interest in the Mexican Republic.

    This is the third exhibition in what will be the “Museo Municipal de San Miguel”, located in the halls of the side yard of the old Municipal Palace. The opening was on February 14, is an exhibition that integrates 22 works, whose artists show the pleasure and idealism that detonates “talk” about wine, through the plastic art in history.

    In its opening to the public, they announced that it would remain until May 10; however, due to the suspension of visits to avoid contagion by Covid, this idea arose: to extend the exhibition, to make virtual tours and to transcend it for its visit until August 6, waiting that the situation of health by contagion allows it.

    The exhibition includes works by artists Antonio González Orozco, Karima Muyaes, Larissa Barrera, Bernardo Loar, Jorge Obregón, Dalia Monroy, Víctor Guadalajara; Armando Romero, Jorge Luna, Amador Montes, Aideé de León, Rodrigo Cruz, Héctor Herrera, Raúl Navarro, Fanny Karchmer; Saskia Verger, Jorge Vallejo, Pavel Égüez, Jazzamoart, Filemón Santiago, Gustavo Rico and José Parra.

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